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Round #10 :: themes & info

» You must be signed up for Round 10 to participate.
--- If you haven't signed up and would like to , feel free to use the sign up post and join in, as long as you can get your icons in one time by the deadline.
» All icons must be made specifically for this challenge. Don't submit icons you've already made.
» Don't take other people's work. Don't submit other people's work.
» Icons must be made according to the LiveJournal standard. This means that they must be under 40kb, 100x100 pixels and saved as a .png, .gif or .jpg (though PNG is recommended for quality)
» Make sure your icon post is UNLOCKED (if you are posting to your own journal).
» Please use the table provided to post your icons.
» Add the following exact subject to your post; Round #10 :: USERNAME
» Please TAG your entries! Make sure to add the following tags: "!round #10", "*entries", "user: ".
» Your completed set of 20 icons is due by December 30th, 12:00 Midnight (Deadline in your timezone)

THEMES (each theme must include 5 icons)
1. CHRISTMAS - Self-explanatory: anything Christmas-themed (songs, wishes, simple "Christmas" words, dingbats...)
2. TEAM NAMES - Sports team names or nicknames (like UK's Manchester United are known as "The Red Devils")
3. NEW YEAR'S RESOLUTIONS - Serious or fun New Year's resolutions ;)

5 only text icons of your choice!


3 / ??

jenmixelle // agsmith01
azuyama_chan // neaptidea

Ask them in the comments ;)
Tags: !round #10, *themes
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